Stella’s Life Story is a GEM

July 23, 2018

StellaDear Palm Garden Family,

Could you imagine being born in a country and then living so long that they changed the name? The same country just a different name? You might say: “I mean, never mind it had been called Constantinople since May of 330 AD. I’m gone for a while and you guys just switch the name?” It would be like being born in Tallahassee, moving to Germany for 17 years, and coming home to find it named Scottsville! Well, that’s what happened to Stella.

Stella’s life story began in Turkey. Back then they called her birth city Constantinople. It was named after the Emperor “Constantine the Great” and became known as Istanbul around 1928. Stella is Turkish but really she’s Roman because back in the day Constantinople was part of the Roman Empire. Stella recently celebrated her 101st Birthday. Palm Garden of West Palm Beach has been a part of her life story now for almost 4 years. Did you know Stella speaks 3 languages? What a life!

She moved to New York city looking for opportunity and became a bookkeeper. Eventually, she moved to Florida in the 70’s and worked for the Census Bureau. She has a very tender soul and did volunteer work at the VA Hospital serving our veterans. Celebrating her 101st birthday with friends and family at Palm Garden of West Palm Beach is her most recent accomplishment.

Stella has 2 children, 4 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. They love her very much. So do we. Stella is ours now. She is a member of the Palm Garden Family too. Our team at Palm Garden of West Palm Beach celebrated her milestone with a party and that gorgeous cake. See, no matter how old we get, we always want to celebrate our birthday.

Remember. Big or small, GEMS are identified by their connection to life story details. Sometimes the story is that you actually outlived ALL of your friends and were lucky enough to land at Palm Garden where folks treated you like the GEM that you are.

We are just so proud of our Palm Garden Family!

Kind regards,

Luke Neumann
Vice President of Service And Relationship Development

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