Holy Cow Project

Aug 14, 2017 | Blog

Residents working on the Holy Cow project

In September of 2016, the Resident Council of Sun City Center partnered with Overland Missions in their “HOLY COW” project. A missionary in Zambia Africa was being trained and mentored to take over as the pastor of a small village in the bush of Africa just outside of Livingstone. In order for this to be possible, he needed a sustainable income so he could devote himself to being a full-time pastor. Our resident council gave a donation of $625.00. Along with donations from Palm Garden Sun City and others, they were able to purchase 4 cows for missionary Kebby Zyangwa. There is something they call “African Time” it is slower than you can even imagine. So, 11 months later Kebby has his cows. One of the cows is pregnant so soon they will have 5 cows. The team of Overland Missions appreciates the residents of Palm Garden Sun City and thank them for partnering with them to share the gospel of Jesus to the African people.

Cows that were purchased as part of the Holy Cow project